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Hand crafted using cutting edge materials, these posable silicone dolls are designed with fun in mind. Boy Toy Dolls are lightweight, easy to maintain, and made of an exclusive Platinum silicone material. They have features that cannot be found on any other doll in the world, and yes, of course, they are anatomically correct!

Hand crafted by Matt McMullen, the creator of RealDoll, these dolls were designed to be slightly smaller and petite, while still having all of the cutting edge features available in RealDolls, as well as specific features that are unique to the BoyToy line, like closing eyes.

When ordering these dolls, you have complete control over all of the options that make up your doll: Body and face choice, Eye color, Skin tone, Hair style and color, make up, as well as multiple nipple types. The BT3 and BT4 bodies are also fully compatible with RealDoll2 inserts.

Please take a look around, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions not answered on our site.