$4999.00 (Excl. TAX)
Face *

Body Type *

Please select the body type for your doll.

Skin Tone *

Custom Freckles *

Optional - Select if you would like custom freckles as an option on your doll.
Lip Color *

Eye Color *

Hi-Realism Boy Toy Eyes (additional $50.00) *

Optional - Upgrade to Hi-Realism Boy Toy Eyes on your order. (+$50)
Please note that the Hi-Realism Eyes option is an upgrade, and will replace the standard eyes.

Eye Upgrades/Options *

Fixed Eyes *

Eyes Glued in Place. Don't want to pose your dolls eyes and want them to stay aligned? Don't think you'll want to change your doll's eye at a future time? We will fix them in place at the factory so you won't have to mess with them and they'll always stay in place.
Eye Makeup *

Fingernail/Toenail Color *

Hair Color *

Hair Style *

Pubic Hair Option *

Select a pubic hair option.
Hair Color for Optional Pubic Hair *

If you've selected optional pubic hair, please select a hair color.
Nipple Size *

Duracast for Hands/Feet *

"Duracast" is the term we have assigned to the process of precasting the hands and/or feet of a doll with a stronger, more durable silicone using a specially prepared mold. The intrinsic pigmentation of the two grades of silicone (Hands/feet and Body blend) are carefully matched so that there is no discernible difference in the finished product.

Boy Toy Doll Breast Enhancement (additional $850.00) *

Shemale Converter Option (compatible with bodies 1 & 2 only) *

Optional - Add SM Converter to your order. (+$399)
Include Doll Stand *

Optional - Add a Tripod stand to your order (price includes shipping).
Boy Toy Express *

If the Express option is added, your doll is guaranteed to be manufactured and shipped within 4 weeks. Normal manufacturing time is 8-9 weeks. If your order doesn't leave Phoenix Studios within 4 weeks we'll refund you the express charge.


(All photos of C Series dolls are Body 2)


Height: 5'

Weight: Approx. 65lbs
Bust: 31" **most 34 c or d cup bras will fit the doll**
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Shoe size: 5
Clothing size: XS and some juniors, smaller sizes. Most XS and small lingerie.


All Boy Toy Dolls can be customized when ordering. Click the options tab or link to expand details.


USA Shipping: $400.00
International Shipping: $600.00


Medical grade (Addition cure) silicone.
Removable orifice system: Vaginal and oral. Patent pending.
Fixed anal oriface.
Soft platinum silicone inserts oriface material, similar to CyberSkin.
Patented Face X version 2.0 skull system featuring magnetic snap mounting faces.
Hand painted, full sphere posable eyes. No tools required! (*Excludes "Seasons" models).
Posable and closable eyelids. Position eyelids with a touch. No mechanisms or cables! Patent pending.(*Excludes"Seasons" models).
Improved breast feel and internal anatomy.