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Hi-Realism Boy Toy Eyes (additional $50.00) *

Optional - Upgrade to Hi-Realism Boy Toy Eyes on your order. (+$50)
Please note that the Hi-Realism Eyes option is an upgrade, and will replace the standard eyes.

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Fixed Eyes *

Eyes Glued in Place. Don't want to pose your dolls eyes and want them to stay aligned? Don't think you'll want to change your doll's eye at a future time? We will fix them in place at the factory so you won't have to mess with them and they'll always stay in place.

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Duracast for Hands/Feet *

"Duracast" is the term we have assigned to the process of precasting the hands and/or feet of a doll with a stronger, more durable silicone using a specially prepared mold. The intrinsic pigmentation of the two grades of silicone (Hands/feet and Body blend) are carefully matched so that there is no discernible difference in the finished product.

Boy Toy Doll Breast Enhancement (additional $850.00) *

Shemale Converter Option (compatible with bodies 1 & 2 only) *

Optional - Add SM Converter to your order. (+$399)

Include Doll Stand *

Optional - Add a Tripod stand to your order (price includes shipping).

Boy Toy Express * If the Express option is added, your doll is guaranteed to be manufactured and shipped within 4 weeks. Normal manufacturing time is 8-9 weeks. If your order doesn't leave Phoenix Studios within 4 weeks we'll refund you the express charge.


(All photos of C Series dolls are Body 2)


Height: 5'

Weight: Approx. 65lbs
Bust: 31" **most 34 c or d cup bras will fit the doll**
Waist: 23"
Hips: 33"
Shoe size: 5
Clothing size: XS and some juniors, smaller sizes. Most XS and small lingerie.


All Boy Toy Dolls can be customized when ordering. Click the options tab or link to expand details.


Medical grade (Addition cure) silicone.
Removable oriface system: Vaginal and oral. Patent pending.
Fixed anal oriface.
Soft platinum silicone inserts oriface material, similar to CyberSkin.
Patented Face X version 2.0 skull system featuring magnetic snap mounting faces.
Hand painted, full sphere posable eyes. No tools required! (*Excludes "Seasons" models).
Posable and closable eyelids. Position eyelids with a touch. No mechanisms or cables! Patent pending.(*Excludes"Seasons" models).
Improved breast feel and internal anatomy.


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